Editing Quality Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

I guarantee that your manuscript will never be rejected on the basis of poor language.  If you have in good faith endeavored to correct the manuscript according to my recommendations, and have made no changes other than those I recommended, please contact me with supporting documentation. I will take full responsibility of re-editing the manuscript for resubmission at no charge. 

20180725_104140-1_compressed-1-768x1024 Guarantee

Transparent Confidentiality

​​​Your document will be seen only by me, Christina Baker. I do not subcontract out projects to be edited by unknown entities. I will sign a confidentiality agreement, if desired and provided by you.

Security of Your Data

To protect your data, you may wish to email the text and any figures, graphs, pictures, and tables as separate documents. An additional security measure that you may choose to utilize is to password protect your document, and email me the document and password in separate emails.

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