Re-editing-starting at $0.03 per word

If you have made significant post-editing changes for any reason such as:

-An editor or reviewer requested an author fill in/expand/clarify content

-Authors obtained new information or made a new realization

-Colleagues/co-authors suggested changes

-An author decided to make significant changes at his or her own discretion

-The author decided after editing was completed that they would like the manuscript to go through a complete second stage of editing

papers_paperclip_reediting_compressed Re-editing

If any of these circumstances apply to you, you can submit your document for complete re-editing. Please email me at editor(at) with a brief note explaining the purpose and goals for the edit. I will give attention to the entire document for a second time.

Otherwise, if you have substantially rewritten sections of text or inserted additional content, you can bring these to my attention by using the Track Changes feature of Microsoft Word, highlighting them with the highlighter tool, or selecting them and inserting a comment in the right hand margin using the editing function of word. In this case only the indicated sections of selected text would be counted and a price fixed for editing.

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