Writing Support

Writing Support-price based on project

Writing support is a consulting service for authors needing a more active editorial role in rewriting and reworking their text. Poor sentence structure is cleaned up, and larger blocks of text are reorganized where necessary or requested. All changes and suggestions are highlighted for your review.

Writing support service may be appropriate if:

-You are not at all or only mildly comfortable with communicating in the English language in the context of your academic domain

-You have minimal or zero experience in writing papers in the English language

-You do not have the time to check and/or have not reviewed the structure and the overall organization of the manuscript

-Your manuscript is a relatively rough draft that is not up to publication quality

-You need help with concepts or conceptual content

-You need extensive help and major rewriting and reorganization of your manuscript

book-1294864_1280_coffe_pixabay-1 Writing Support

​With extensive consultation and communication with you:

Methods can be written from protocols

Introduction and discussion sections can be written from bullet points with references provided by the client

Results can be written from raw data

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